FSD International builds on the assumption that the management and execution of global business plans and professional relationships are not achieved without dedicated partners. The Mission of FSD is to be global leaders in marketing, product development, branding, distribution, and consumer products sourcing of consumer goods. We strive to do this as a team through dedication to our company, loyalty to our Clients & Manufacturing Partners, and a customer relationship that focuses on results. Integrity and transparency are our mottoes, and they guide us through our goals as we build a bridge to success between our employees, clients, and manufacturers.

Who we are:

Welcome to FSD International business-to-business resource Solution Company. We specialize in product development, branding, sourcing, marketing, and distribution of consumables to the mass market through significant retailers & distributors globally.

Our Capabilities:

FSD International has established itself as a global B2B partner relation company. Our company collaborates very closely with both our manufacturers and clients to implement the services that we offer.

Our key strengths and area of activities include:

  • Global Import services
  • Global Export services
  • Global Distribution services and consolidation
  • Business Development / Marketing and branding services
  • Private label development, implementation, and program management
  • Sourcing for retail, Foodservice, Industrial application products and ingredients
  • Supplier development and management
  • Product concept development
  • Brand packaging and design
  • Logistic services and management
  • Quality assurance, approvals, and certifications
  • Global warehousing services
  • Turnkey partnership operations and product manufacturing audit services

Our values:

FSD International’s value is based on the passion we put into our work. Our spirit of value is our company team effort and transparency with our clients and manufacturers. We believe in clarity, commitment, creative thinking, unique approach concept, strong growth emphasis for our clients, and mutual respect values that guide us to navigate all the complex issues that we face to satisfy our partners’ utmost goal.

Our focus is on growth and profitability through our creative and unique marketing structure. Since we are a growth-oriented company, establishing a strong partnership is extremely important. Finding the right product or service for our portfolio is essential. The first challenge is delivering a hassle-free understanding of our business model among our clients and our manufacturers.

We are in business because you are in business. Buying products or fulfillment of specific services the right way can be a significant success in company profitability. FSD International understands that and can deliver hassle-free relationships from the time you partner with our company in many services that we offer.

Get ahead of the competition and make the first move to partner with us. We will cater to your unique needs and ensure that your company can be more efficient by cutting administrative costs associated with sourcing and product development.