State of the Food Industry

What are you going to do? Yes, restaurants are closed due to the Corona pandemic. Yes, many of them or their operators are thinkingthey will NEVER reopen. Yes, many have run out of the stimulus money. However, we can keep on going through all the uncertainty about the food industry. But, guess what?This is not [...]


The “HOSPITALITY” Industry is going through adjustments andevolving as Companies cut back on sourcing products needed for the operation of their business. Your Company can count on our professional,fast sourcing and delivery product program.We are your reliable one stop sourcing partner to address customer inquiries and requests. Our very fine tuned, complex, but user-friendly product [...]


COVID-19 pandemic is a great opportunity to increase direct-to-consumer food sales. We need to think outside the box in this moment of our history due to the current uncertainty in the Food Industry. The future of the restaurant industry sector is in doubt due to the increasing competition from order delivery options to the consumer. [...]